Turning work
Токарная обработка##Virpošana##Turning work##
Turning work is rightly seen as the highest-demand and multi-purpose method of metal processing. Turning work is applied for surfaces of blanks, pieces that have a revolution shape. Rough work, prefinished work and fine turning is performed on turning devices, which are also used to cut different types of internal and external thread. “CNCWeld” performs professional turning finishing due to its modern technological CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment and highly qualified personnel. Our company makes details, including off-gauge details, with high precision and in short time.

Maximum blank's size - 180mm X 300mm.

  Milling processing
Фрезерные работы##Frēzēšana##Milling processing##
Milling works are used to process vertical, horizontal and slope surfaces, profiled surfaces, steps, etc. Milling technology consists of constant movement of the tool with progressive advance of a blank. “CNCWeld” offers its services in such kinds of milling: • End milling (when working with large surfaces) • Forming milling (when working with profiled surfaces) • Base-relief milling Production stock of our company includes high-technology CNC (Computer Numerical Control) devices that are able to execute horizontal and vertical milling works and milling at different angles.

Maximum blank's size - 750mm X 300mm X 200mm.

  Welding works
Сварочные работы##Metināšanas darbi##Welding works##
Welding is a process of making non-detachable connection by creating interatomic bonds between the welded parts at their local or general heating place, or plastic deformation, or integrated action of both. It is usually used to join metals or their alloys. SIA “CNCWeld” offers its services of welding non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, aluminum, titan, stainless steel, etc.) and ferrous metals. Our company has professional welding equipment of the leading manufacturers (FRONIUS, ESAB, LINCOLN Electric, MIGATRONIC Automig) and other necessary equipment for high-quality welding and soldering.
  Production & services
Производство и услуги##Ražošana un pakalpojumi##Production & services##
Along with turning, milling and welding works SIA “CNCWeld” offers the following services: • Rolling of metal sheets up to 6 mm (2.000 mm wide) D min-500 mm • Rolling of pipes with diameter of 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 mm. D min-450 mm • Production of tanks up to 2.000 liters • Metal filling • Non-ferrous metal polishing • Chemical coating of pieces after turning, milling • Nickel plating • Chrome plating • Tinning • Zn (white, yellow, black) • Transportation (Van).
  Abrasive water jet cutting
Гидроабразивной резка##Hidroabrazīvā griešana##Abrasive water jet cutting##
Given cutting method has a lot of advantages, if compared to mechanical, plasma, ultrasound or laser cutting. Cutting with water is a perfect method to cut figures from metal sheets with high precision and speed. Low temperature and low force impact in the cutting zone excludes mechanical and thermal deformation of material. We use abrasive water jet cutting equipment by “PTV” brand. Size of working table is 3000 x 2000. We work with our own material, and also with our client material. With the help of abrasive water jet cutting it is possible to give certain services and manufactured products: • Cutting of metal sheet material with sophisticated contour – logos and signboards • Cutting from nonstandard materials like glass, marble and granite and etc. • Possibility to work with non rigid and easy-deforming materials • Minimal use of materials space and fast results • Possibility to produce unique and one of a kind details.